SHIELD - A Unique Health Revolution!

Summary of your Health : Investigated and Extensively Documented

An out of the box external vantage point review of your life.


What we do?

We at SHIELD are radical and believe in change. This change is delivered by regularly updating a set of protocols which when thoroughly followed provide an insight into the future of your medical life. Broadly mentioning, the various protocols in a clinic.

  • Individual interview of every patient by a trained doctor.
  • Provide access to your detailed electronic health record along with the lab reports.
  • Intensive comprehension of data for relevance.
  • Blood samples drawn by an expert phlebotomist for investigative lab parameters.
  • Detailed statistical charting of lab analysis for comparison with past medical history records.
  • Recommend medical strategy for optimization of arrayed parameters.
  • Save the entire patient health record along with lab reports on the cloud for future reference.
  • Easy for a perennial review.
  • All lab parameters are done by NABL accredited labs only.

How do you benefit?

There is an old saying, part of which is very true. "Padhoge, Likhoge to banoge nawab". Suave enough, we all want you to be that "Nawab". Our efforts are to achieve that. We will investigate and detail your lab analysis and medical history which, when regularly and timely updated over the years, will provide an insight into your medical life. These analysis can be reviewed as it is, in a statistical format or comparative to be self analyzed or discussed with your physician, in the form of an Electronic Health Record (EHR). Most of us in India get lab analysis done regularly but the health records are often lost, that will not happen here. An ID specific dashboard is set which will make your complete health record available online along with all your lab reports.

  • SinglePoint Access

    A one stop universally acceptable single point, password protected, detailed medical history at your finger tip.

  • DataCharts

    Easy to understand stabilized charting of your data.

  • EarlyDetection

    Earliest detection of any variation from normality.

  • UniversalAccess

    Easy access to your medical records from anywhere by anyone.

  • EmergencyHelp

    Timely access to your medical records, in case of life treating emergency.

  • CloudAccess

    Fully integrated access from a desktop, laptop, tablet or a smartphone.


Why we do?

An old age academy defines us, "Prevention is better than cure". This is the holy grail of our movement and our primary motivation. India is to be the epicenter of the so called urban diseases by the year 2020. This group includes diseases like Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Heart Attack, Stroke and Diabetes. These diseases are all preventable, that is what we stride for. We want to prevent the disease before the disease can think of you.

  • Movement to bring preventive healthcare to the front in India.
  • Early detection-early action.
  • Active and passive education.
  • Positive re-inforcement.
  • Easy access to your electronic health record for review/discussion by any physician, specialist, home, clinic, or hospital.
  • There is a serious lack of focus on preventive medicine in India, this is a small initiative to recognize it.


A one stream universally accessible central and secured detailed medical, surgical, allergy and drug history at your fingertips!

Dr. Amit AgarwalDelhi, India

Easily accessible medical history and lab results of a patient for discussions with any physician or specialist, at home, clinic or hospital!

Dr. Subhash Jain Chennai, India

A very user friendly interface with statistical charting of medical data!

Dr. Sonali Sehgal Mumbai, India

Timely access to all your medical records in case of any life treating emergency!

Dr. Hemant Sharma Kolkata, India

Our Partners

Smart Health Labs
  • Smart Health is a Delhi based fastest emerging clinical testing laboratory and a wellness service provider.
  • It has acquired the National Accreditation Board for Laboratories (NABL) certification from The Department of Science & Technology, Govt Of India.
  • It is aiming to have 20 laboratories and 100+ collection centres by 2020 in every major Indian city.
  • It offers a comprehensive list of investigations in the following Pathology/Clinical Testing disciplines- Clinical Biochemistry, Haematology, Immunology, Microbiology & Bacteriology and Clinical Pathology.